Spring and Summer 2019 Tryouts Posted.....Come Join the 4 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

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 2019 spring and Summer Tryouts 



November 11th,18th 

December 2nd,9th,16th 


Ages/ Times 

8u-10u - 10 AM

11u-12u - 11AM 

13u-14u - 12PM 





Big 12 Baseball
MSL Dallas
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I highly recommend having your son tryout for a Frozen Ropes Team.  It has been a truly great experience for my son (and me) the past few years.  Learn how to play the game the right way from some of the best Coaches in the Metroplex.  HS Basebll web


I wanted to give out a big thank you to Danny Florence, Corey Thornton and the staff at Frozen Ropes. They run a top notch program. My son played with them for 4 years and becuase of their dedication to the players and the experience they bring to their players, my son has moved on to play at the next level. Couldn't ask for a better select program to get involved with or a better group of individuals.  Highschool Baseball Web Post



Completely agree, kiddo is with a major DI program because of Flo and Corey. Anyone with kids looking for a quality program, you won't be disappointed with these guys. Just my two cents    Highschool Baseball Web Post


Ditto! My son is getting an oportunity to compete in the Big XII because of Flo, T, Oliver and Morrow. Great organization to be associated with...They're dedicated to "local" players!      Highschool Baseball Web Post



Competitive teams!

Great Coaching!
National Exposure!
Work Out Facilities at no extra cost!
Recruiting help!

Frozen Ropes - best program in the area for local players and familes. Indoor hitting facilities, outdoor practice fields, competitive teams, experienced coaching staff, great contacts with college coaches and Danny Florence goes out of his way to help with the recruiting process at the college level and with professional scouts. You get so much more for your money with this organization and no empty promises.    Highschool Baseball Web Post

If you have a 2013/2014 grad, you really need to look into becoming part of this. He has some special players coming through his system and they are Farmington bound.  Highschool Baseball Web Post


Without the help of Frozen Ropes and Coach Flo I wouldn't be where I am today.  Not only did I learn to be a better player, I also learned to be a better person.   Steven Okert - San Francisco Giants, University of Oklahoma, Grayson JC